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Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS™)

Maintenance Management and Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

The EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) is a software tool specifically designed to enable successful execution of PBL contracts. MMIS provides the process visibility and data transparency that today's PBL customers demand. With easy, secure access to data over the Internet, all customer personnel can access equipment status, repair status, and generate reports with nothing other than a browser. As a result, vital information is not only available from PCs in the office but from PDAs and Web enabled cell phones in the field! Data can be entered and retrieved over the Internet, and reports are generated from live, current data.

MMIS Disciplines:

  • Ad Hoc Reports

  • As Built/Maintained Configuration Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Contract System

  • Document Management System

  • Electronic Data Interchange

  • Repair Orders

  • Purchase Orders

  • Inventory Barcoding

  • Parts Management

  • Project Setup

  • Reporting System

  • Work Flow

  • Vendor Part Tracking

  • Failure Tracking and Operational Use Recording

  • Materials and Inventory Management

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